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Avoiding Ransomware Payments: 4 Backup Fundamentals

Having access to backup copies of critical data is the only way to guarantee avoidance of costly ransomware payments, insurance claims, and extended downtime to business operations.  All too often this advice is heard only after experiencing an attack, and in hindsight these simple steps seem obvious. During ransomware incidents technology staff are commonly not aware of techniques used by these criminals to take advantage of ineffective backup routines.   In our experience conducting incident response recent ransomware events involve the targeting of backup processes.  Reconfiguration of backup technologies, deletion of cloud storage environments, and destruction of backup data discovered in their attack are all used to prevent you from a simple recovery. When you wake up to discover encrypted systems, there are literally no copies of your critical data left to be restored, your business operations are crippled, and the only path forward is negotiations with criminals.  This is, as te