Edmonton HeartBleed Information Session - April 16th, Royal Glenora Club

Since the latest major OpenSSL vulnerability was publicly disclosed, many people and organizations are scrambling to understand, respond and prepare themselves for the future. 
Twitter, vendor support channels and media outlets have been quick to cover different angles of the issue but there has been overwhelming amount  of information released.

With all this information, it can be difficult to understand what's relevant.  To help clarify we holding a special ISACA sponsored 2-hour session on Wednesday, April 16th, starting at 12:00pm at the Royal Glenora Club.  

Benoit and I will be attempting to explain as much of the issue as we can from a technical and non-technical perspective, discussing the vulnerability, its scope with relation to our personal and professional lives and other related concerns such as our trust in the public PKI system.  The second hour we will be an interactive discussion about how others are dealing with problem, questions about related topics, and peer discussions.

We encourage you to attend and invite others that you think might benefit from this session. Space is limited to approximately 50 people on a first-come first-serve basis.  Please have lunch before you arrive as no food will be served.

We'll make our presentation available after the session, and as always you are welcome to send questions to me directly.

See you there,



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