May Security Catch-up

Its been much too long since my last post - Sony's PSN network has been breached a few times, a record number of vulnerabilities have been published, and the US government has released a new set of cyber space strategies.

On the cool tools and technologies there have been lots of notable releases:

  • Some research from Albert Cotesi New Zealand on the traffic flowing from IOS to 3rd parties, now sniffable thanks to MITMProxy, and instructions on getting it working with IOS
  • As always SQLmap is making life easier for the vulnerability assessor and pen-tester.
  • Microsoft has released an updated to the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit - I'll be looking into this over the next few weeks, and how it can be applied practically.
  • New major version of Backtrack also released, for those of you that are still relying upon live-cd's as a source for tools.


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