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Security Updates - Monday October 18th

Its been close to a month since my last post.  Here is a quick list of a few things that are worth mentioning in the security business today;

Advanced Evasion Techniques - StoneSoft and ICSA labs identifying and testing some new network security evasion techniques.  Looks like there is some substance here, as tweets are starting from a few credible sources.  Link - beware this looks like it might just be vendor FUD!

HDMoore and metasploit release a new version of the wiki, and metasploit unleashed.  This is a great resource for anyone needing an intro to pentesting using the framework.  Link

Social Engineering Toolkit or SET has been updated with a few notables including new functionality for the teensy - the hardware based HID attack vector.  Link

The 2010 Verizon PCI-DSS report has been released.  Link