Whitehouse Unveiling Their Cyber Security Initiatives

The Whitehouse has unveiled a report describing the specific initiatives that the US government is taking in reaction to the global cyber security threat.  These 12 initiatives, documented within the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI)appear to be part of a well-coordinated plan championed by Howard Schmidt, the President's Cybersecurity Coordinator and include:

Initiative #1. Manage the Federal Enterprise Network as a single network enterprise with Trusted Internet Connections.
Initiative #2. Deploy an intrusion detection system of sensors across the Federal enterprise.
Initiative #3. Pursue deployment of intrusion prevention systems across the Federal enterprise.
Initiative #4: Coordinate and redirect research and development (R&D) efforts.
Initiative #5. Connect current cyber ops centers to enhance situational awareness.
Initiative #6. Develop and implement a government-wide cyber counterintelligence (CI) plan.
Initiative #7. Increase the security of our classified networks.
Initiative #8. Expand cyber education.
Initiative #9. Define and develop enduring “leap-ahead” technology, strategies, and programs.
Initiative #10. Define and develop enduring deterrence strategies and programs.
Initiative #11. Develop a multi-pronged approach for global supply chain risk management.
Initiative #12. Define the Federal role for extending cybersecurity into critical infrastructure domains. 


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