Security Updates - 2009/2010

Sorry about the hiatus between posts - its been a busy holiday season and isn't showing any signs of slowing down in the next few weeks. I've posted a few tweets here and there for some quick updates but nothing major, so here are a few links that have really caught my eye over the last month or so (some really good stuff here!).

Best Practice / Research updates
  • ISACA has published two new sets of documents for members, updated guideline on implementing and improving IT governance, and a new framework and practitioner tool-set for identifying and managing IT risks. In my opinion the RiskIT material provides a great high-level explanation of the IT risks management principals and provides and excellent set of tools for identifying and measuring risks as part of an assessment. If you have IT Risk management responsibilities and aren't a member of ISACA it's time to sign up!
Security Tool Updates

There are tons of new updates to tools, in fact too many to list them all here - if your job requires finding and using open-source and commercial tools your box just got a lot bigger.

PacketStorm Security has a bunch of updates to open-source tools recently, too many to list but notables include;
  • wafp - web application finger printing
  • hostmap - for mining DNS information
  • wapati - new web application vulnerability scanner
  • scapy - update to a great packet manipulator
  • metasploit! - after the Rapid7 acquisition lots of development happening here...
All for now - have a great new year!


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