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Gonzalez, Toey - Ringleaders?

It appears that there are a number of sources that are questioning the indictment of Gonzalez as a ring-leader such as the NY Times . I agree that Gonzalez is wrongly accused as the “ring-leader” of the operation - but for different reasons. 1. Gonzalez is likely just a low level carder (one who gathers and sells credit and debit card information), and one that was once on the secret service payroll to infiltrate the carder network. No different than other junkies that break into cars to steal ID information for drug money, but he just happened to use a more efficient method. SQL injection and wifi-sniffing are not very sophisticated attacks - nor was Albert’s MO - including leading a very lavish and noisy personal life. He used ICQ to chat with other affiliates and didn’t try to hard to protect information related to his wrong-doings. 2. The eastern European individuals named in the indictment appear to be MUCH more sophisticated as they organize the processes of converting the stolen

Albert Gonzalez aka soup Nazi - 130M Records?

So it looks like the same suspect has been charged with both of the biggest credit card theft/fraud cases in history. Albert Gonzalez aka "segvec," "j4guar17" and "soup Nazi". Who is this man behind these crimes? What was the motivation behind the crime? What kind of training did this guy have? What kind of MO was used? 2 Russian accomplices? Who are these guys? Secret Service Informant? - There must have been a more detailed file on this guy? So many questions so little available information? If anyone has more credible information on this guy I would be very interested to hear more. This story appears to have legs... Wikipedia Page Update 1: Stephen Watt aka “Jim Jones” and “Unix Terrorist.” happened to be one of the unfortunate ones who associated himself with Albert - without any of the financial benefit however. Wired Story . Here is also a link to a page with his bio from Phrack magazine . Update 2: Here is link to the google docs version